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Metro Kansas City Area 913-648-8500

Central Location
Centrally located in the Kansas City area –  near the stadiums (Chiefs and Royals)

Customers can come to the Warehouse at 8501 E 23 Street, Kansas City, MO  64129

Profit Margin is 40%
Trash Bags   selling price is $10.00.  Your cost is $6.00 and profit is $4.00

Mrs. Fields   selling price is $17.00.  Your cost is $10.20 and profit is $6.80.

Poppin Popcorn  selling price is $14.00.  Your cost is $8.40 and profit is $5.60.

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Service and Turn Around Time
We stock our products locally in order to provide good service and short turn around times.
Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeno Popcorn
If you need a little spice in your life, then please consider the cheddar cheese and jalapeño flavored popcorn that is designed to excite your taste buds to a place where they have never been before. 

The secret to this great popcorn is finding the right balance for the perfect heat that is not too intense, but just perfect. This special recipe is designed to light up any exciting event you may be having such as a card game, ladies’ night, or just any work event that may need some extra excitement.

7“ French Bread Pizza
Some days I feel like keeping up with work and running after the kids takes up all my time.  On those days I need a definite “go to “meal.  I need something I don’t have to think about.  I want something easy to prepare.  It has to be quick, nutritious, and satisfying.  It has to be something everybody loves.  It has to be easy to keep on hand and delicious.  Are you searching for that same “go to” meal?

Eureka! I have found the meal I was searching for and I’ll share my discovery with you.  I buy the French Bread Pizza in a Variety 6 Pack.  These 7” pizzas are delicious and easy to keep on hand in my freezer.  French bread pizzas are my contingency plan anytime life gets crazy.

Mrs. Field’s Rainbow Cookies
If “cookie” to you means a whole lot of fun packed into a soft, round package with crispy edges then Mrs. Field’s Rainbow cookies are the kaleidoscope of chocolate fun that means cookie to you.  There are twelve uniquely different types of cookies in Mrs. Field’s line up of ready-to-bake pre-portioned gourmet cookie dough collection.  These buttery cookies with the soft center and perfectly crisp edges are sprinkled with a rainbow of chocolate coated candies.  Playful and fun, they taste just as good as they look.  The only thing you need to take you back to your childhood is a big glass of cold milk. 

You’ll love Mrs. Field’s pre-portioned frozen cookie dough with 32 cookies per box.  It’s ready to bake, convenient, and fresh.  When you order Mrs. Field’s pre-portioned frozen cookie dough, you’ll be able to serve fresh baked cookies anytime you want them.  There is a rainbow of fun in every box.